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HI! My name is Valeria De Rosa and I am a graphic designer. Graphic design, illustration and design in general are first of all a passion that I live and increase every day, because I long for learning new things and getting involved in this field. I am curious so I always try to find new solutions observing the reality and the objects surrounding me. The thing I love most about designing is to draw in pencil and then transfer sketches on a monitor: the wonderful sensation to feel the project arising under my fingers and know that its message can captivate and inspire many people.
se_sei_felice_sei_ubriaco - Maglietta da uomo
grunge_is_dead_mug - Tazza monocolore
Freedom bird  - Top da donna della marca Bella
Freedom bird
Owl t shirt - Maglietta Premium da donna
Owl t shirt
Post punk t shirt - Maglietta da baseball per bambini
Post punk t shirt
Vegan scritta - Maglietta Premium da donna
Vegan scritta
Love will tear us apart - Maglietta Premium da donna
Love will tear us apart
Love_will_cup - Tazza con vista
Birds and sky - Top ecologico da donna di Stanley & Stella
Birds and sky
triangles_hipster Tazze & Accessori - Tazza monocolore
triangles_hipster Tazze & Accessori
Vegetarian  - Maglietta Premium da donna